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Ultimate Bookmarking: Diigo, Delicious, and Pinboard (oh my!) [How To]

My favorite bookmarking tool by far is Diigo. In addition to bookmarking like Delicious and Pinboard, I permits highlighting and annotating web pages. You can tag bookmarks, also like Delicious and Pinboard. If you’re a paying member, it’ll also capture the full text of the page for you to search later. Diigo can automatically mirror …

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My Comprehensive Backup Solution

I was asked recently what my backup strategy was. I’m not the biggest fan of Time Machine. That’s a really loaded question. I use it on my MacBook Pro, but I exclude a LOT of apps and locations. A lot of my “working” data is on a paid DropBox account, primarily for easy of use, …

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ScanMyPhotos.com review

I’ve been on a kick getting all sorts of old family photos digitized (aka scanned) so that they’re preserved and are usable in our new digital world. I’ve tried two services, ScanMyPhotos.com and Scan Cafe. I’m still waiting for my Scan Cafe photos, but I have mine back from ScanMyPhotos.com. Here are my overall thoughts. …

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Apple updates Safari and Mac OS X to fix security issues

It’s only been a couple of weeks since Safari 3 came out in beta. We’re already to 3.0.2 for security upgrades. That’s pretty impressive. From ArsTechnica Apple updates Safari and Mac OS X to fix security issues: Apple has released Safari 3.0.2 for both Mac and Windows with lots of tweaks, including some security fixes. …

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Photoshop teeth-whitening filter

Here’s a cool Photoshop Plugin: PearlyWhites from Image Trends. It automatically whitens a person’s smile, no selecting necessary! It’s $49.95, and there’s a free trial. I haven’t tried it yet, though. Technorati Tags: photoshop, plugins, graphics

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VMWare Fusion Goes On Sale

VMWare, though while not releasing the official 4.0 version, it taking orders. Pricing is $79.99 (the same as Parallels). They’re offering special pre-order pricing of $39.99. Technorati Tags: virtualization, vmware

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A Minor OpenXML Automation Epiphany

Im a little late in this one, but I realized it’s a little harder to create OpenXML documents (like Word 2007) that I thought. While it’s still really easy to parse the actual XML code, you then have to ZIP it all with the right “stories” etc. Yuck! Technorati Tags: office, xml

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Safari 3 beta on Windows vs. Firefox 2 and IE7

Now that Safari’s been out for awhile, there are some comparisons between the three major browsers (Firefox, IE7, and now Safari) on Windows. Here’s a wrap up. Technorati Tags: apple, browsers, safari, security, windows

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Safari for Windows: Why it makes sense

As most people know now, Apple’s released a beta for Safari 3 for both Windows and Mac.  It took me awhile to figure out why, since I’ve always preferred the extensibility of Firefox over Safari.  I found it interesting to tout it as being faster on JavaScript rendering than IE 7 or Firefox.  That wasn’t …

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Sprint Treo 700p patch not such a good thing

Apparently, the patch for the Treo 700p was a bad thing right now (the previous post about it is here). More info can bet found at mytreo.net and treocentral.com.

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