Ultimate Bookmarking: Diigo, Delicious, and Pinboard (oh my!) [How To]

My favorite bookmarking tool by far is Diigo. In addition to bookmarking like Delicious and Pinboard, I permits highlighting and annotating web pages. You can tag bookmarks, also like Delicious and Pinboard. If you’re a paying member, it’ll also capture the full text of the page for you to search later.

Diigo can automatically mirror your bookmarks to Delicious, but it’s one-way. Lots of apps support Delicious and/or Pinboard but not Diigo. For example, Zite only supports Delicious. Instapaper only supports Pinboard. So, how do you make sure your Diigo repository is complete? Enter If This Then That (IFTTT) and a few recipes. One copies from Diigo to Pinboard, one copies from Delicious to Diigo, and one copies from Pinboard to Diigo (don’t worry, you won’t end up with duplicates).

Here are the IFTTT recipes you’ll need:

Not only does that allow you to bookmark from almost any app, it prevents “lockin” and catastrophic failure (does anyone remember the Magnolia meltdown in 2009?)

And voilà! Everything should be in Diigo now, one bookmark service to rule them all.

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