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A Minor OpenXML Automation Epiphany

Im a little late in this one, but I realized it’s a little harder to create OpenXML documents (like Word 2007) that I thought. While it’s still really easy to parse the actual XML code, you then have to ZIP it all with the right “stories” etc. Yuck! Technorati Tags: office, xml

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Customizing Office 2007 UI

I missed this awhile back I think (it was actually about one year ago). Jensen Harris has a great post on customizing the Ribbon. Technorati Tags: office, xml

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Using the Office Customization Tool (OCT)

Step by step: Configure the 2007 Office system for a hard disk image TechNet has a good article on how to use the OCT for Office 2007 install.  This takes the place of the Custom Installation Wizard found in previous Office Resource Kits (ORK).

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