Safari for Windows: Why it makes sense

As most people know now, Apple’s released a beta for Safari 3 for both Windows and Mac.  It took me awhile to figure out why, since I’ve always preferred the extensibility of Firefox over Safari.  I found it interesting to tout it as being faster on JavaScript rendering than IE 7 or Firefox.  That wasn’t enough of a reason for me to switch.

This morning, I realized it was to gain developers for the iPhone.  Now that developers can harness Safari on iPhone for widgets and other applications, it makes sense having a score of new developers that might not own a Mac but do develop for the iPhone.  These could be free (like so many OS X apps and widgets) or commercial (also like so many OS X apps).

I’m guessing, if it works on Safari 3 (either platform), it’ll run on iPhone’s Safari.

UPDATE: Crave agrees with me.

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