OpenXML Community Growing

OpenXML Community Growing:

* Older versions of Office – As you all know, folks who have older versions of Office can download a free update that allows them to read and write the open xml formats. While the downloads have only been available for about 6 months, they are already the 2nd most popular download on (second only to IE 7). There are well over 4 million downloads to date.
*ET:* These work pretty well. They don’t work with some DMSes currently. Both Hummingbird and OpenText are working on versions compatible with them.

* OpenOffice – Thanks to Novell, you can read and write the OpenXML formats with OpenOffice. The Sun folks are also involved as they move from the XSLT approach to a more native support.
*ET:* OpenOffice is a cool alternative to MS Office, but it’s still not as polished. Of course, free can go a long way to make up for that.

* WordPerfect – Corel has announced support for OpenXML in an upcoming release of their office suite.

* Palm OS – Documents To Go brings OpenXML support to smartphone and PDA devices powered by the Palm operating system.

* Mac – NeoOffice brings OpenXML support to the mac.
*ET:* As great as NeoOffice is in many ways, it is _slow_ and not as pretty as other Mac apps.

* MindMapping – Mindjet’s MindManager allows you to follow the logical workflow of first brainstorming, then creating a document outline, and then writing you document. You can brainstorm your idea in MindManager, and then convert those into a wordProcessingML document.

* OpenXML Writer – The folks up at have build a free open source text editor called “OpenXML Writer” that allows you to edit WordprocessingML files.

* Gnumeric – Gnumeric is an open source spreadsheet application that was one of the first applications out there to show support for SpreadsheetML.

* Web Development (PHP) – There is an open source project up on codeplex where they are creating a set of PHP classes which allow you to read and write SpreadsheetML files.

* Java Developers – There is a project up on sourceforge where they are creating a set of Java APIs to make programming against the openxml formats much easier for Java developers.

* Data Reporting – In Monarch V.9.0 from Datawatch you have the ability to create reports of your data using SpreadsheetML.

* XML to PDF – Altsoft XML2PDF server 2007 supports the import of WordprocessingML files.

* Word and Character Counting on Mac – Word Counter 2.2.1 is an application for Mac OS X, and it supports a variety of file formats, including WordprocessingML

* Convert docx to simple html – The docx converter allows you to transform WordprocessingML documents into either plain text or simple html directly from their website.

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